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The Bible In A Year: Day 124

1 Samuel 21-22
Psalm 124
Acts 10

1 Samuel 21-22

David goes incognito to the high priest and pretends to be in an urgent mission for the King, but he failed to take provisions and weapons. So the priest gives him the bread of the presence from the tabernacle to eat. This instance is what Jesus was referring to when questioned by the Pharisees about his disciples plucking grain on the sabbath day. He also gives him the sword of Goliath to take with him.

David runs from there to a few different places and ends up gathering a small army of people who’ve fallen out of favor with king Saul, who has become increasingly paranoid and unpopular. Yes, David was anointed king, but he had no plans of deposing Saul and no mandate to do so, he was just the one who would replace Saul when he reign ended. Saul had no way of knowing this though, and was certain that David would attempt a coup.

He finds out that the priest has provisioned David and drags the high priest and all his sons before him. He essentially accuses him of treason for conspiring with a (in his mind) traitor to the crown. For this supposed crime, the high priest and his family are all killed. All but for one son, who escaped and flees to David, telling him what happened.

Acts 10

In a town called Caesarea, which was a day’s journey up the coast from Joppa, there’s a centurion who was a “God fearer” just like the Roman who had built the synagogue in Capernaum. These people were gentiles who worshiped the God of Israel and followed the law. They were uncircumcised, so not full converts, but very close.

This centurion was named Cornelius, and while praying he has a vision to send for Peter in Joppa. The next day Peter is praying and God reveals to him that the kosher dietary laws are no more, and this is to prepare Peter for the message from Cornelius’ men. Prior to this vision, he may have sent them packing, but God is showing him that in the new covenant there is no distinction between gentiles and Jews.

Peter arrives and remarks how it’s unlawful for him to even be there, but due to his vision he explains that God has shown him no person is unclean now. The Jews of the time wouldn’t enter the home of a gentile, or accept any kind of hospitality from them for fear of their uncleanliness infecting them and making them unclean. So Peter is pointing out something that is a major change, and this centurion having been stationed in Judea for a long time would be well aware of how Peter was shattering taboos here.

After his host explains the vision that led to him being summoned, he then asks Peter to basically lay out the Gospel to him and his family. After his sermon there’s a Pentecost type experience for the gentiles gathered there and Peter calls for them to be baptized.

Tomorrow’s Readings:
1 Samuel 23-24
Psalm 125
Acts 11

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