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Purpose and Goals of This Website

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In the About & Contact Page I give some background on who I am, and why I’m so passionate about Catholicism.

With this page I’d like to introduce my readers to the site, the reason for its existence, and what I hope to accomplish through it.

I was on a spiritual journey after my father died, and really for a few years before that too, and set my mind to learning all I could about Catholicism. I was convinced that the claims made by the Church were true, but it wasn’t until about halfway through RCIA that I fell in love with Christ and His Church. I now want to use this page to share my passion for my faith with anyone willing to read.

This page started as a personal blog, talking about my experience with Catholicism, but has morphed into a platform that I hope to use to advance the deepening of the faith among people that are already Catholics, and to encourage those thinking about conversion to swim the Tiber River themselves.

So if you are a lifelong Catholic, I hope that you can use this site to learn more about your faith, or to rediscover some of the things you were taught years or decades ago.

If you are a convert to Catholicism, my goal is to encourage you to continue to grow even after RCIA ends and you are a full member of the Church.

If you are a Protestant, I pray that this site will make you think twice about things you may have been told about Catholics. At best, you would consider converting yourself, but at least, let this be a chance for reaching across the aisle and recognizing both Catholics and Protestants as brothers and sisters in Christ.

I firmly believe that the Catholic Church is the true Church founded by Christ, and that all Christians should be united as one – just as Jesus prayed in John 17- but I also recognize that after 500 years of separation, there are lots of fences to mend and bridges to rebuild, before the goal of unity is achieved. And that goal of unity may take another 500 years, but I pray that this website will be even a small contribution to that unity.

So because of this conviction, you will never hear me call a Protestant a non-Christian, all who are baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity (that means Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and many smaller branches of Christians that practice baptism and believe in the Trinity) are honored with the name of Christians according to Lumen Gentium.

If you are a non-believer, or a member of a non-Christian religion, then I’d encourage you to read on, and consider the fact that God brought you here, and He exists even if you don’t believe He does.

If you have any questions about Catholicism, Christianity, theism, or anything else that would help you overcome disbelief, no matter what your religious background, then please reach out and contact me.

God loves you, and I do too.

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If you’d like to know more about me personally, or want to contact me, this is the page to go to.

I often get asked where I do my research, or what new sources I like to read online, so I made this page full of links that I use on a daily basis.

This page is dedicated to books that I’ve read about Catholicism, and that I’d recommend to everyone from the curious Protestant, to the cradle Catholic, and everyone in between.


By clicking on the menu at the top right corner of the page, you can easily chose what category of posts you’d like to read. Here is a quick breakdown of what you an find in each category (click on the blue link to go directly to that page):

What do Catholics believe about the Old Testament? That’s a very common question, and it’s rooted in the fact that we don’t spend enough time learning and studying the Hebrew Scriptures, also known as the Old Testament.

This is my attempt at making an easily understood Catholic Old Testament Bible study. It’s an ongoing project that started at Adam, and will continue on until John the Baptist. When you consider that the entire New Testament is built upon the Old Testament, having a firm grasp and understanding of what is happening, allows us to better understand the Bible from an Old Testament perspective. That means we’ll see the big picture in more complete, and clearer way.

This question and answer page is borne out of the many questions I’ve fielded, both in person and through this blog, since becoming Catholic. Even before my conversion, I was a de-facto Catholic apologist. Sometimes I’ll solicit questions, and sometimes they just come to me unsolicited. If it’s a simple question, or very specific to a certain circumstance, I’ll answer via email, but if it seems to have value for many people I will attempt to write a post to answer it.

Sometimes the questions are from genuine Catholics, looking for answers to something that had them confused, but sometimes they are from people that are hostile to the Church. I try my best to give each a fair hearing, and an answer for the hope that is in me ‘with gentleness and reverence’ (1 Peter 3:15).

There’s plenty of places on the internet to find good Catholic answers to their questions, but I’ve learned that some people don’t like to do the research and digging, so they easily give up, and are sometimes too embarrassed. But I enjoy doing research, so if I’m stumped I promise to do my best and get back to you with an Orthodox and easy to understand answer.

If been a lover of liturgy since my earliest days, when I’d attend Mass at Sacred Heart or Queen of Peace, and even the liturgical Protestant Churches like the Presbyterian Church where I was baptized as an infant, I’d watch and wonder why we did what we were doing. As I got older I realized that in the Mass there wasn’t an idle word or gesture, everything was scripted and thought out to the smallest thing.

Every movement in the Mass has a deeper meaning, and many Catholics either don’t know the meaning, or because they’ve seen it so much in their life, they’ve grown somewhat numb to it. Since I have a very liturgical spirituality, I take great pleasure in talking about, and explaining the Mass.

The articles in this section were started to be an easily understood catechesis for a younger cousin of mine, but after reaching 3,000 words on the Introductory Rites alone, I knew I had to make it into a series and share it on this site.

After an article of mine was featured on the National Catholic Register website I was contacted by Pamela Fernandes from Mumbai India, she wanted me to guest appear on her new podcast to discuss the article.

What started as a one time appearance has become a monthly conversion focusing on some of the greatest saints of the Church.

Check some of these episodes out.

This category is where you can find anything I’ve written about saints. Whether it’s an episode of the podcast, or an article about the communion of saints, you can find it here.

While not about the entire Nicene Creed, this category contains the four article I wrote about the Four Marks of the Church. Maybe it will be expanded in the future with more on the rest of the Creed.

This is something of a catch-all category when I didn’t know where else to put an article. Many are double categorized here and elsewhere on the site, a sort of general purpose category.

What is RCIA?



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