Resources and Links

A page for links to information relevant to living a fully Catholic life.

Church Documents & Pages

This is the official website for the Vatican and has a vast library of Church Documents available.

The website for the United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops.

An online way to read the Catechism from the Vatican’s website.

A great resource for reading most (some older ones are not translated into English) of the encyclicals from almost every Pope since HonoriouFathers s III (1216-1227).

If you’ve ever been interested in reading Saint Thomas Aquinas’ magnus opus, then here’s your chance.

A collection of the writings of the Church Father’s at

Catholic Apologetics

The home of Catholic Answers, this is the ultimate site for apologetics, and their forum is very active and informative.

An apostate dedicated to bringing home Catholics that’s have fallen away from the practice of the faith.

Steve Ray’s website. Full of apologetics and insightful articles.

Catholic Blogs

Catholic Podcasts

A bi-weekly podcast in general Christian living. I’ve appeared in several episodes here so look out for them

My favorite new podcast. Fr Waltz is a priest in the diocese of Bismarck, and his homilies are both thought provoking and hard hitting. Check him out.

The only downside of Bishop Barron’s homilies is that they are only once a week.

Bishop Barron again, but his time it’s his weekly topical podcast with the Word on Fire team.

Pick up any shows you’ve missed.

The new podcast from Joe Heschmeyer of Shamless Popery

Blog Rolls

A gathering of Catholic Blogs, you can find my page on here.

Lots of good Catholic Blogs here.

A collection of blog posts and articles from across the internet.

Catholic News

You can always count on reliable news from the network founded by Mother Angelica.

My go to source for Catholic News.

A blend of news and articles.

Another solid new source.


A work in progress

A new convert to the Church

I really enjoy his videos

Very traditional, and solidly orthodox channel. With a wide range of interesting videos