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The Bible In A Year: Day 97

Joshua 15-19
Psalm 97

Todays readings from Joshua are almost entirely about the geographic boundaries of the land given to the tribes of Israel. This was why the census was taken just before Moses died when they were still outside the promised land. Now that they’ve entered the land, and even though the conquest isn’t complete, they’re setting the boundaries for the tribal possessions for each tribe before Joshua dies too.

Each tribe is given an allotment of land, with the cities included, except for the Levites. They get cities to live it, but not any territorial allotments. They receive what’s given to the temple as their payment.

As these chapters go through the various areas given to the tribes, a recurring theme emerges, and that is the continuing of Canaanites in each tribes area. Yes they’re forced to be subservient to them, but that’s not what they were told to do. They were told to drive them out, or else they’ll be their downfall.

Tomorrow’s Readings:
Joshua 20-21
Psalm 98
Luke 16

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