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The Bible In A Year: Day 95

Joshua 11-12
Psalm 95
Luke 14

Joshua 11-12

Another coalition of city states and kings form up to fight the Israelites, and this is a good idea militarily, but God tells Joshua to not be afraid because the victory is assured. Imagine the physiological impact of this people beating not just one kingdom after another, but now they’re defeating leagues of kingdoms allied with each other.

This new alliance was no different than the last, and it was decimated by Joshua and the Israelites. He did this up and down the length of the land as Moses had commanded him, but Joshua was old and the conquest was entirely completed in his lifetime.

Luke 14

Jesus again heals someone on the sabbath, but this time he isn’t caught in the act, he asks those surveilling him before he even heals the man if it is lawful. When they gave no answer he went ahead and healed the man, and then chastised them for their hypocrisy.

While still eating in the house with the Pharisees where heads just healed the man, he tells them a parable about a great feast. The feast represents the kingdom of God and the banquet that is the marriage supper of the lamb. Invitations were sent out way in advance by the Old Testament prophets, but now that the feast is ready the people who were invited since it’s planning began are now refusing to come, just like when Jesus announced the kingdom they’d been waiting for was at hand they refused. So the master invites the dregs of society and the gentiles to fill the banquet because the invited guests refused the invitation.

Tomorrow’s Readings:
Joshua 13-14
Psalm 96
Luke 1

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