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The Bible In A Year: Day 57

Numbers 13
Job 22-24
Psalm 54

Moses picks out spies to send into the land to gather some intelligence before moving the whole camp into the land. One spike from each tribe is sent. They were instructed to gather intelligence on the land and it’s produce, the cities and towns, and the people living there.

While they’re spying they bring back some grapes and other fruit as evidence to the people, but they also bring back discouragement. The tell them that the land is indeed rich and lush, but that there were multiple walled cities, many different groups of peoples, and even giants.

Caleb speaks up and recommends immediate action to invade and subdue the land, but the other spies double down on their bad report and recommend that they do not try to subdue the land.

This shows a complete lack of faith in God. This land was the final destination the whole time and now they think it’s unobtainable? Just like when they thought God was taking them from Egypt to let them die of thirst, and then hunger, and now from giants apparently.

Job 22-24

Now it’s Eliphaz’s turn for another speech. Even after everything he’s heard, he still accuses Job of trying to deceive God by refusing to acknowledge his sin. He goes as far as to accuse Job of various serious offenses, despite having no knowledge or evidence of them, based on,y on his belief that such serious suffering could never happen to an honest and righteous man.

Even though he’s been wrong I his specific diagnoses of Job and his troubles, Eliphaz does offer occasional good advice. Starting in v21 he recommends repentance and reconciliation with God, and some ways to do this.

In chapters 23 and 24, Job again claims innocence and appeals for God to hear him and allow him his day in court. job goes on to give multiple examples of how the wicked prey on the poor and downcast of society with no apparent repercussions many times. This proves that the wicked don’t always get their due punishment in this life, and the innocent often suffer despite their innocence.

One really only need look at the ruling class in the ancient world, and even in our day, to see the truth in what Job is saying. But his friends remain unmoved.

Tomorrow’s Readings:
Job 25-28
Psalm 55

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