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Bible in a year

Holy Bible

Decided (a couple days into the new year) to begin my own Bible in a year read through. I’m a few days in at this point and not following any structured program, but I thought if anyone would like to join along I’ll be posting the day’s chapters and a few quick thoughts on them each evening. If you’re following along feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts on that days readings too. Should be fun.

Just to catch up the last few days and I’ll post day 4 later.
Days 1-3:
Genesis 1-7
Psalms 1-3
Mathew 1-3

Of course we’re reading the account of creation in the first couple chapters of Genesis, we then move on to the fall of man with the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden and Cain slaying his brother Abel. And then we come to Noah and the great flood, with God pressing the reset button on His creation due to the sinfulness of mankind.
All of these stories are important and tell us very deep truths so I may circle back later on and give each one it’s proper amount of attention but for now I’m trying to get this all onto the same page.

In the first psalm we see two distinct paths, the path of the righteous and the path of the wicked, with a warning for those that chose the latter. In the second psalm we see nations conspiring against God’s anointed, and reading it in its original context we think of the anointed kings and prophets of Israel who were persecuted by their neighboring kingdoms and even their own people, but also it is a prophecy of the conspiracy against Jesus Christ being the anointed messiah of Israel. I’m the third psalm we here a cry of anguish and plea for deliverance by King David when fleeing from his son who was attempting to overthrow his father and take the throne for himself.

In the first few chapters of Matthew we read the genealogy of Jesus, with a whole host of names that should be more or less familiar to us. And in the second chapter is the familiar story of the birth of Jesus and the magi coming to visit (an event celebrated by the church on the feast of Epiphany). IN the third chapter we read about John the Baptist preaching in the desert and recognizing Jesus when He came for baptism.

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