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What is Truth?

By Charles Johnston:

“God is not only true, but Truth itself” – Pope Leo XIII

What is truth? Pontius Pilate asked asked that question to Jesus. Was he being rhetorical? Or was he really searching for the truth? If it’s the latter, then he missed the Truth standing right in front of him.

Everyone has to answer for themselves what the truth is. On one hand, you have what is objectively true, on the other you have what society wants you to think is true. Every day we are bombarded by redefinitions of truth, like the Supreme Court’s recent redefinition of marriage. Or we have abortion clinics, the modern day equivalent of Nazi death camps, being called “health care centers”, there is no health care involved in ripping a baby to pieces, but it’s just another redefinition of truth.

Pilate didn’t have the advantage that we have, he wasn’t there with Jesus and the Apostles when Jesus told the “I am the way, and the truth, and the life”, but we can place ourselves there with Christ and His Truth just by reading the Gospels. We can see that the bill of goods that our culture tries to sell us isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, but many are led astray. How can this be? It’s because we don’t spend enough time reading and contemplating the Truth.

For 2000 years the dominant cultures of the day have tried to dictate to the Church what the newest version of truth should be; the Church is still here, they’re all gone.

The secular world is straining to define, for everyone, what is truth. As Pope St. John Paul II said “Truth is not always the same as a majority decision”. We have to, because we possess the ultimate truth, stand up for what is true. A man cannot become a woman, the redefinition of marriage is damaging to the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage, and abortion is not healthcare it is murder.

The prophet Isaiah said:”The grass withers, the flower fades; But the word of our God will stand for ever.” (Isaiah 40:8 RSVCE)

Cultures, countries, societies, they all come and go, but the truth is eternal.
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One comment on “What is Truth?

  1. I often find that secular minds are not particularly straining to define truth for everyone, but instead, is straining to define truth within the philosophy of relativism and teaching that each person as their own truth. Fundamentally, the philosophy seeks to eliminate those who believe in absolute truths. It is why to modern minds that Pilot is such a compelling figure in the Passion story, he asks, “What is truth?” It’s a question that modern minds are very sympathetic towards, but the truth is that the answer was nailed to a cross.

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