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The Bible In A Year: Day 120

1 Samuel 12-13
Psalm 120
Acts 6

1 Samuel 12-13

Samuel is getting old and he gives a farewell address to the nation. He asks if he’s ever wronged a single person or took a bribe or done anything immoral in the sight of God or the people. They all answer that he’s been nothing but an uptight servant of God and has been a fair judge of the people.

Now that he’s got that out of the way, he then launches into a condemnation of the people and how God has repeatedly rescued them and they’ve repeatedly turned from him. He recounts several of their unfaithful episodes and then caps it off with their rejection of God as their king, and their demand to be reigned over by a human king.

The people beg him to ask God for forgiveness and he says he will, not for their sake but because God has decided to not forsake them and he follows God’s will.

We turn back to Saul to see him rallying the people for more battles against the Philistines, and he waits for seven days on Samuel as instructed, but Samuel is late. So Saul takes matters in his own hands and offers the sacrifices to God, but just then Samuel appeared. He dresses down Saul for his sacrifice, and tells him that he will not have an everlasting dynasty but that God will appoint another king.

This is very reminiscent of the unholy fire that was offered by Aaron’s sons back in the wilderness. It’s not that Saul was doing something wrong, it’s that he done it as he chose to rather than haw God chose for it to be.

Acts 6

The apostles decide to get some much needed assistance. There was starting to be division among some of the groups that made up the body of believers, and the apostles wanted to appoint men to help them with the corporal acts of mercy so they could devote their time to the preaching of the gospel and the celebration of the liturgy.

These men who are appointed here become the first deacons, and to this day the diaconate is dedicated to service in today’s church. One of these seven deacons is Saint Stephen, and he was brought before the council on false charges, or at the very least they were trumped up charges, because they’re intentionally misinterpreting what’s he’s said to make it sound like blasphemy. Just like they did with Jesus.

Tomorrow’s Readings:
1 Samuel 14-15
Psalm 121
Acts 7

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